Pieter Hessels Landscape Design is a garden design practice based on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. We develop aesthetic concepts
for rural and urban outdoor spaces which evolve into detailed designed drawings and subsequently, a living reality.

Design Philosophy
Landscape Design is about working at the vital intersection of culture and nature. We believe that good design
comes from a thorough understanding of a clients needs and a respectful approach of the site specifics, such as
ecology, history and context. By applying vernacular building techniques and using local materials, we attempt to
enhance a site’s spirit of place, or “genius loci”. We are passionate about preserving native plant communities,
water conservation techniques and sustainable thinking.

Creating a design vision for a project begins with researching and understanding a site and then developing an
appropriate proposal for its improvement. All the elements of design: colour, form, texture and shape are
considered. Site analysis and design ideas are then brought into balance to create a landscape design fulfilling all requirements for beauty,
pleasure, function, character and amenity.

Pieter’s passion for design and the natural world was born in Brazil and the US, where he travelled extensively, exposing himself to various
cultures and their respective landscapes. During an exchange year from Leiden University Law school, he spent a year at Art school in
Barcelona, becoming inspired by the work of Gaudi and other more contemporary Spanish designers. After earning his Masters degree in
Corporate Law, he decided to follow his heart and forge his passion for the designed landscape into a career.

MA Landscape Design from the Inchbald School of Design (United Kingdom, London, 2004);
Qualifications from various horticultural and landscape design courses;
Site-grading and engineering workshops at Cornell University (United States, Ithaca, 2007)
Horticultural apprenticeship at the Filoli Estate (United States, California, 2007).

Professional experience
Trainee at Bureau B+B (Amsterdam, the Netherlands);
Designer and projectmanager at Arne Maynard (London, United Kingdom);
Designer and projectmanager at Lutsko associates (San Francisco, United States);
Designer and projectmanager at Marcel Wolterinck (Laren, the Netherlands); Principal at Pieter Hessels Landscape Design (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Financieel Dagblad 19 maart, 2011
Financieel Dagblad March 19th, 2011 (text in English)